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Environmental concerns, including factors like deforestation, climate change, and the effect of toxic finishes in indoor air, have led luxury furniture vendors to adopt green technology. The adoption of eco-friendly furniture is a rising trend in the global furniture market.

Our eco-friendly, high-end furniture is made from sustainable wood, non-toxic materials such as organic cotton and wool, solvent-free, water-based glues, and renewable latex foam.

When buying furniture, it is important to make environmentally savvy choices since furnishing your home or office can make a big difference in your impact on the planet and your health.

· Certified sustainable wood

  • There are sustainable ways to harvest wood, however. Wood from sustainably harvested forests, sustainably harvested tree farms, and reclaimed wood are the main sources.

· Furniture made with reclaimed materials

  • furniture made from reclaimed wood is a great example of resource efficiency

· Bamboo

  • Bamboo represents a family of grasses that range in size from tiny to huge, and in color from lime green to maroon stripes. It is incredibly fast-growing and versatile and has become the unofficial poster material of environmental designers and builders. Most bamboo comes from China and is grown with few or no pesticides. Because it is so fast growing, it is much easier to maintain healthy bamboo forests.

· Recycled metal and plastic

  • Recycled materials require less processing and fewer resources and help support the market for recycled materials. Technologies are always improving, meaning that recycled plastics and metals are always going up in quality.

· Recyclable and disassemblable

  • Good eco-friendly furniture should lend itself to easy repair, disassemblage, and recycling.

· durable and fixable

  • One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of green products (and this definitely goes for furniture) is durability.

· Low-toxicity furniture

  • furniture that is untreated or treated with natural substances, like natural wood finishes, or naturally tanned leather. Organic cotton is also less likely to be treated with toxic stuff.


GS Europe is happy to inform our future wholesale partners that wholesale of furniture manufactured by Europe was launched in all CIS countries.

Now, you have a chance to be a Distributor of European Manufacturers in your city or region! You can send your Commercial Offer or place an Order by filling out this Form or submit your free-form application to any of these Contacts.

Cost-effective Work to Provide the Best Offer 

In order to offer the best price to our partners our Representative Office arranges a Direct Store Delivery from Manufacturer saving on storage. The rates are based on EXW parity or delivery to Distributor warehouse depending on the preference of our Trading Partner.

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Offer can be requested by filling out this Form or forwarding a request to any of these Contacts. Submission of valid Company details is a must!

Contracts shall be concluded only with wholesalers, stores and chain stores which are ready to sing a sale contract. 

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